I Am A Paranormal Researcher.I am the "spotter" for my group, which actually means I am sensitive to the presence of spirits.So far we have gotten some rather dramatic photo's. By what authority do I call myself a "paranormal researcher"? Simple, this is what I love to do. I have educated myself of the subject, earned my stripes out in the field, and the bottom line is a genuine interest in my topic, that keeps keeps me coming back!I DO NOT feel that interested parties need to take expensive courses to learn how to do Paranormal Research. I think honesty,courage, and a genuine interest  in the life on the other side of the veil, is all you need! So, save your $100.00, (or whatever was requested for a membership in another group.)We can teach you how to do your own investigations, and we are available for private speaking.
This Is NIGHTWOLF(Josh Baily-Our Founder,Scruffy-My Daughter Suzy, And ~INFERNO~(Adam Tice) I love these guys!!!!!!