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Horoscope And Tarot
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Horoscope And Tarot

Interested In Your Horoscope Or Tarot Reading?

Printed readings are available for a small donation.You may choose either tarot, or horoscope. If you choose horoscope, please specify if you are looking for birth,life,or personality chart. All charts are full color, and several pages long!To obtain your full-color reading please send a $15.00 donation to:

ms.cathy dupont
1921 peppermill dr.
clearwater,florida 33763-4428
(727)443-4969 for questions
*NOTICE: horoscope, and tarot reading are intended to be a guide and are for entertainment purposes only! When making an important decision in your life, consult the experts in the field in which you are questioning.*Phone orders will NOT be excepted!

*Checks or money orders only please: made payable to: catherine dupont
All orders will be shipped within 2 weeks by first class mail!

Thank you in Advance!All donations will be used to help further our costs to conduct investigations,and to help defray costs.This service IS NOT in connection with Nightwolf Paranormal Investigations, and will operate as a seperate buiseness transaction.This is an exclusive transaction, not affiliated with our normal investigative work!

I will require the following information to complete your tarot, or horoscope chart. Tarot requires a written question, or you may specify "general reading". For a horoscope, please provide the day,date,time (if known) and city of your birth.And, again specify if you are looking for birth,life, "general" reading!All requests will be promply handled & sent out by first class mail to US addresses only!