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~*Where In The World Did I Come From?!*~

Here's How It All Got Started...


Mmmmkay, my parents were married on Halloween of 1981. I was born on Friday, July 13th, 1984 in Holy Family Hospital, Des Plaines, IL, right down the street from serial killer John Wayne Gacey's house. (Explains alot, huh?!) But, I'm actually a very bubbly and cheerful person, obsessed not with Marilyn Manson, but those evil Backstreet Boys! *Eeeek!* Or, I came from the aliens. You decide!

I also go to Ghetto/Construction High School, also known as Dunedin. I really despise just one of my teachers (we won't name names *cough*Mrs. Crooke*cough*.) But, I absolutely adore another, Mr. Waters, who claims that I'm a "shepard" and that my lil "flock" of friends is my "sheep." Riiight. Anyways, I'm supposed to be a junior, although I'm a lil bit behind. *lowers head in shame* But, I'll graduate eventually! I swear!


Information On Me!

Here Are Some Of My Abnormalities:

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel' (David Boreanez...*drools*), 'Friends', etc.
FAVORITE MOVIES: 'Can't Harly Wait', 'Ghost', 'The Grinch', and sooo many others I can't even list a lil bit of 'em!
FAVORITE MUSIC: Backstreet Boys (I hear those groans!), Limp Bizkit, Jewel, No Doubt, *cough*2Gether*cough*, Shania Twain, Britney Spears, Savage Garden, Papa Roach, Destiny's Child, Blink 182, Aerosmith, Eminem, and a billion others!
FAVORITE BOOK: 'The Outsiders' S.E. Hinton, 'The House Of Thunder' Dean Koontz
FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM: Buccaneers all the way, Baby! Oh, and Daaa Bears!
FAVORITE FOOD: Reeses' Pieces, Doritos, Orange Soda...etc.
PEOPLE I MOST ADMIRE: You. Honestly. If you're reading this, you mean something to me, and I admire every one of you for one reason or another. *huggs*