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~*Friends Page #1!*~

Daisy, Growing

Here's one of the pages that I have dedicated to my beloved frineds! If you're special, you're in here. If you're not in here...er...you're still special! *grin*

~*Jessica*~She's my bestest friend in the whole world! *huggs* Even though she's short, she's still a cutie pie! *hee hee* She's a brat, but, she's also the best friend that anyone could ever ask for. She's been with me through everything, and I want to thank her for that. Oh, and Jess, remember-no matter how scrubby, you can still bathe them...espically on a rooftop! *evil grin* And remember the essence of Brian! Corndog!

~*Jenna*~Omg, she has got to be the absolute funniest person in the universe! She cracks me up so bad! She's such a devoted friend (even if you're trying to get her attention and you're jumping on her bed and you fall of and land on your head and she laughs at you...not from personal experience or anything...) Jen, you're my bullcorn man!

~*Jen*~ Ahhh, my ditzy lil beemer BEEMER! *hehehe* You're so damn cute, you even have a song about it! *lol* We have lots of fun coming up with dances to Limp Bizkit songs. Just stop making people die every time we go out (espically to Tampa)! I looove you! *lil finger devil horn thingies* By the way, can I borrow what's in your special lil pocket? *evil grin*

~*Tommy*~ He's a big meanie-head! But, I still love him... He's my favorite member of Soul Decision.

~*Kimmie*~ She's my beautiful BSB baby! I really love you, Babes!

~*Shanna*~ She's absolutely gorgeous! I love her, too! We have fun reading each other's minds and sharing nekked pics! *lol*

~*Micah*~ Hey, Handsome! I love you, even if you do talk like you're gay. But, I'm still obsessed with you. *wink wink*

~*Leanne*~ Hey, Sexxxy Wiccan! *purr purr* Guess what! I'm scrump-happy for some corn on the cob! *wink wink* Omg, dude...where's Flounder?! Ohhh...there he is... *big grin* By the way, we need more husbands and wives! I wuv woo, Scooby Doo!

~*Rachyl*~She's absolutely beautiful! I love her to death! She's endured a bunch of shtuff that nobody should ever go through, and I envy her for that. Also, she's gorgeous and a wonderful dancer! Hey, Rach... "Well, I did it right..."

~*Louie*~He and I have been buddies since 9th grade. He's just a big cuddly bear! *grin*

~*Eric*~As much as I try to deny it *ha ha...freak!* But, he's my buddy...and *in Ralph's voice* he dressed himself! He's just a big Jell-o Puddin' Pop! *lol*

Well, this page is runnin' long, so, I'm gonna start on another one. I wuv you guys! *group hug*