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This Website Is Dedicated To All My Friends And Family!

Hello, My Wonderful People! *hehehe*

Well, well, well...you didn't think I could make a website, did ya?! Did ya?! Well...HA! I did! So nah! >=oP But, if you're not here out of the pure shock of Suzy doing something intellegent...hi. *hee hee*

Anywho, I don't really know exactly why I made this site... I just kinda wanted to tell the people that I care about that I love them. And...you must be one of the people that I care about if you're here! Sooo...I love ya!

I hope to update this site weekly...just with what's up and shtuff. If you have any ideas, you can e-mail me at: scruffylilsuzybugg@hotmail.com. Or you can call me. If you're lucky enough to have my phone number. *evil grin*