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~*Gorgeous Celebrities!*~

This Page Is Just For The Girls!

Hot 2

Okie dokie, chicas! I want you to e-mail me a list of celebrities (guys!) that you think are studly enough to enter this list!

(By The Way, I Don't Know What The Hell Is Up With The Box On The Right!) ~*S*~

~*Brian Littrell*~
~*David Boreanez*~
~*AJ McLean*~
~*Nick Carter*~
~*Kevin Richardson*~
~*Howie Dorough*~ (Just for you secret fans out there! *lol*)
~*Seth Green*~
~*Billie Joe*~ (For you, Jenna)
~*Kurt Cobain*~ (For you, Katie)
~*Ethan Embery*~
~*Scott Wolf*~
~*Mark Whalberg*~
~*Bruce Willis*~
~*Devon Sawa*~
~*Kerr Smith*~ (Just for you, Jen! Cause he was really mean in 'Final Destination!')
~*Johnny Depp*~
~*Mark McGrath*~
~*Chad Linus*~ ("Come back here with my DAMN CEREAL!")
~*Chris Klein*~
~*Josh Harnett*~
~*Mickey Parke*~ (Ask Jessica, I'm clueless!)
~*Adam Sandler*~
~*Mike Meyers*~
~*Mark Hoppus*~
~*Fred Durst*~
~*The Rock*~
~*Tom DeLonge*~
~*Jerry O'Keefe*~
~*Jim Carrey*~
~*Mark Blucas*~
~*Enrique Iglesias*~
~*Freddie Prinze Jr,*~
~*Jay Gordon*~
~*Carson Daily*~
~*Matthew Lillard*~
~*Tom Green*~ (*hee hee*)
~*Aaron Carter*~
~*Justin Timberlake*~ (Only for you guys, Tara and Rach and Jen!)
~*JC Chasez*~ (Cha-se-2?)
~*Ryan Phillipe*~
~*Skeet Ulrich*~
~*Jon Bon Jovi*~ (Stop laughing!)
~*David Cassidy*~ (I said to stop laughing!)
~*Ricky Martin*~ (Okay, seriously, quit laughing!)
~*Drew Lachey*~
~*Keanu Reeves*~
~*Christian Slater*~
~*Gavin Rossdale*~
~*Jim Breur*~ (Is that how you spell it??)
~*The Hardy Boyz*~
~*Big Bird*~ (Da pimp yo!)

***Mmmmkay, Girls! I need you to e-mail me a list of guys that you think should be added to this list!!!***