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~*Friends Page #2!*~

Daisy, Rotating

Mmmmkay, this is a continuation of the previous page...

~*Edie*~She's such a sweetpea! Omg, she's just so nice all the time! And she's so patient with me...thank you. *grin*

~*Katie*~Mmmmhmmm, she's a bad a**! *giggle* She's the biggest Kurt Cobain fan that I've ever met! (And who can blame her?!) She's also a huge Hanson fan... (That one I'm not so sure about...*evil grin*)

~*Nathan*~Um, Nate's a freak. *lol* But, he's still damn kewl! Kiss off, Slappy!

~*Charly*~Okay, she's the mostest adorableist person! She had a cute lil Kentucky accent (awww!) and a huge heart!

~*Nate*~He's so darn tootin' cute! Oh my goodness...he's just so adorable! I love talking to him...he makes me laugh sooo hard! (And just cause you're #2 Nate doesn't mean I love you any less! *huggs*)

~*Isreal*~He means alot to me, because he makes my Jenna happy, and I love my Jenna! Also, he's a sweetie!

~*Todd*~He's a damn Canadian. But, he's a hottie, so, it's all good! *giggle*

~*Bryan*~He's a huge Richard Simmons fan! Right, Bryan? *evil grin* He also has something against Jews...

***I'm not finshed putting all my friends in here, so if you're not, don't feel unloved! I do love you and I'll be sure to edit this more soon!***